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Weed control is very diverse, and we provide many, and very different services to our clients.

Lawn care is a specialized part, where we provide broad leaf control for all types of grass types. Some lawn blends are more sensitive than others to different chemicals, so good knowledge of varieties is essential. We add fertilizer at the same time, to keep lawns healthy, lush and green. We do small house yards to large ovals, so no job is to small or large!!

We do a lot of Round up work keeping area’s grass and weed free in situations like maintaining tree lines, driveways, fence lines, and even spraying out job sites before development in both industrial and domestic situations. We use the non selective knock down herbicide glyphosate.

On rural properties we do large acre thistle, blackberry, tussock and many other type of weeds, using spot spraying and boom spraying techniques. We have extra long cables that reach over 200 meters, so can access hard to reach areas out of range of most rigs, like gully’s, steep hill side and dense timbered areas where there is limited vehicle access.

We also offer specialized weed control like basal barking, stem injection and cut and paint. These are very effective on hard to kill weed species, and where folia spraying is not suitable. Large tree’s like willow along creeks, or Ivy climbing garden plants and sheds, or sensitive riparian areas respond well to stem injection and cut and paint techniques.

Basal barking is a cost effective way of controlling plants like African Olive and others.

We welcome clients texting or emailing photo’s of weeds for identification, and are only to happy to give no obligation free quotes and advice as part of the service we offer.

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In the same way that aerating builds a strong, sustainable root system, fertilizing, too, improves your lawn’s roots just as it enhances the color and thickness of the grass. Our Canadian-made, premium fertilizer slowly releases a blend of nitrogen and potassium into the roots of the grass. Over time, roots become heartier and more capable of resisting disease and weed growth. As a bonus, our fertilizer is eco-friendly, allowing both pets and family to return to the yard as soon as the fertilizer has been absorbed.